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Access SQL TRANSFORM Statement

Posted by putxi on March 16, 2007

The Access SQL TRANSFORM statement is a non-standard extension to SQL-92 implemented by Microsoft’s JET database engine to create crosstab queries. Crosstab queries calculate a sum, average, count, or some other aggregate on rows, and then group the results in two dimensions: one down the left side (row headings) and the other across the top (column headings). In Excel these are called PivotTables. In SQL Server you’re on your own.Crosstab queries provide a powerful data analysis tool, but can be tricky to use in Access. It’s not that they’re hard to create. Access provides a wizard for creating new ones, and the syntax is pretty straightforward, if under-documented (that TRANSFORM link above is to the Access 97 documentation). It’s using them, like as the basis for a report, that can be tricky. Read the rest of this entry »


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Installing Banshee in Ubuntu Edgy

Posted by putxi on March 16, 2007

Today I was willing to listen to my music, but I have it on my iPod, the player didn’t worked and Rythmbox just sucks from my point of view. I found something new that seems its rocking the music players. The Banshee project Music Management and Playback for Gnome.

Right now I’m installing it I haven’t test it but they sell it well in their site. iPod – mp3 player integration, smart lists, plugin, internet radio and of course listen to your own music, sounds quite good.


For the installation I have follow the instructions from their Ubuntu Installation Guide just using deb ./ as the repository because the one they say have moved to it.

I’ll tell my experience with it later.

by Kus

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